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Mitsubishi Power Europe will modernize and automate Stockholm Exergi’s largest combined heat and power plant (CHP). The Kraftvärmeverk 1 (KVV1) plan will handle be able to biofuels and reduce emissions levels. The project scope includes upgrading the boiler and control systems, and installation of low NOx burners. This retrofit will extend operational life for 20 years and fulfil Stockholm’s immediate need for increased heat and power generation in cold seasons.This plant conversion to biofuel enables the city to move towards its fossil-fuel-free goal by 2030.

Originally built in 1976 for fossil fuels, the modernization will enable the boiler to handle recycled fuels like bio-oil. The renovation involves automating the plant's control system to a modern distributed control system (DCS) and installing low NOx burners to reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions. The project also includes repairing pressure parts, installing selected sub-systems, and upgrading critical components. The CHP plant will be commissioned during the heating period in 2023 following two scheduled outages during the summer months for retrofitting.

Since bio-oil generates lower NOx, the boiler conversion along with low NOx burners will reduce emissions. The integrated DCS will enhance plant efficiency and reliability, improve system availability and enable remote monitoring, control and reporting.


“The modernization of KVV1 resolves the challenges of reliability and availability through local capacity, use of biofuel and reduced emissions,” said Elvira Alberg, Project Manager at Stockholm Exergi. “The bio-oil used in KVV1 is obtained from the food and cosmetic industry residues. Retrofitting the existing firing system to handle bio-oil from heavy fuel oil will significantly extend the operational lifetime of the plant.”