Anomali Collaborates with ONG-ISAC On Cybersecurity in the Oil, Gas Sector

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The initiative aims to enhance protection for critical infrastructure against persistent cyber threats and nation-state attacks.

Anomali, a provider of security operations solutions, and the Oil and Natural Gas Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ONG-ISAC) have embarked on a joint effort aimed at fortifying the cybersecurity infrastructure of organizations within the oil and gas industry. The collaboration targets the persistent threats posed by cyber adversaries, including those launched by nation-states.

"Critical infrastructure remains a primary target for today’s threat actors, whose activities can cause substantial and costly disruptions. At the ONG-ISAC, our mission is to identify and share information about cyber threats and vulnerabilities with our members by leveraging effective technologies and automation. Anomali has a strong reputation for helping critical infrastructure organizations detect and respond to global adversaries. We look forward to partnering with them to protect our members’ networks, control systems, facilities, assets, and people,” said Angela Haun, Executive Director of ONG-ISAC.

Mark Alba, Chief Marketing Officer at Anomali, echoed Haun's sentiment, stating, “The recent second anniversary of the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack and the current Russia-Ukraine war has put a renewed spotlight on ongoing nation-state cyberattacks against energy critical infrastructure targets. Anomali is proud to partner with ONG-ISAC and support its many members in their fight against today’s most persistent adversaries.”

ONG-ISAC's security analysts will utilize the Anomali Platform to identify specific threats targeting critical infrastructure organizations. The platform provides strategic intelligence about attackers and their methods, as well as high-fidelity signals of attack that can be leveraged for threat detection and response prioritization.


Anomali will also provide each ONG-ISAC member with a dedicated threat intelligence management environment to curate relevant intelligence and investigate pertinent cyberattack trends. The platform, backed by Anomali Threat Research and customer support experts, is intended to ensure easy access, application, and maximization of global intelligence in preventing cyberattacks.

Anomali offers security visibility and threat detection and response. The Anomali Platform, assists existing security controls. Supported by venture firms like Google Ventures, General Catalyst, and IVP, Anomali serves a broad customer base, including global enterprises, public sector organizations, Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs), service providers, and Global 1000 companies.