Ansaldo Energia Begins Operation at Hydrogen-Capable Plant in Germany

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The power plant received its final unit installation and is prepared to generate electricity for the German power grid.

Ansadlo Energia has completed the sixth and final delivery of its power generation units for of the Irsching power plant to Uniper, located in Dusseldorf, Germany. The Irsching plant, located in in Bavaria, is now prepared to provide power for the German electric grid, utilizing Ansaldo’s generation units that offer operational flexibility with the option to convert to hydrogen.

The Irsching plant has been built by Ansaldo Energia on a turnkey basis with an open-cycle thermoelectric design equipped with an AE94.3A gas turbine and accompanying generator with a total power capacity of 300 MW—capable of powering 200,000 German homes. Ansaldo’s AE94.3A has more than 4 million equivalent hours of operation accumulated globally.


The final unit delivery is a facet of Germany’s TSO project designed for strategic grid reserve, attempting to always guarantee a stable supply of electricity to the grid. Incorporating Ansaldo Energia’s gas turbines will allow Germany to fulfill its energy transition strategy and maintain grid stability, as the increased use of renewable energy may present intermittency challenges.

Ansaldo Energia is commissioned for a second power plant installation in Germany—the Marbach open-cycle plant, which falls within the same German strategic grid reserve project as the previous installation.