Ansaldo Energia Releases 5-Year Industrial Plan

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Ansaldo Energia’s Board of Directors approves the strategic plan focused on energy transition and diversification of business activities.

Ansaldo Energia S.p.A.'s Board of Directors has given the green light to its new 2022-2027 industrial plan and capital reinforcement proposal. The plan, which follows negotiations with the company's main stakeholders, aims to capitalize on Ansaldo Energia's experience in conventional gas turbine and nuclear power industries while promoting the energy transition.

The industrial plan outlines three primary objectives:

  • First, preserve the company's traditional business activities, emphasizing the sale of power generation machinery with a special focus on international markets and increasing contributions from its service business unit.
  • Next, expand the nuclear business unit, particularly in fusion (with projects like the experimental Iter plant in France), fission (with projects in Romania and Slovenia), and decommissioning, including projects in Italy and the UK.
  • Finally, diversify business activities in line with the energy transition, including initiatives related to storage systems and electrolysers for hydrogen production.

To support the new industrial plan, several financial measures have been proposed: (i) A €580 million capital increase, offered as an option to shareholders, to fund investments, implement the new plan, and partially repay loans from banks in the pool; (ii) Extension of the due date for the existing €200 million shareholders' loan provided by CDP Equity; (iii) Extension of the due dates for existing medium to long-term lines of credit and signature lines of credit, issued by the supporting pool of banks for guarantee development of the new plan; (iv) Request for a bank loan supported by Sace, under the "SupportItalia" guarantee.

The Board of Directors has authorized the company's executive bodies to finalize agreements with credit institutions and other involved parties. The Board and auditors expressed their gratitude to outgoing CEO Giuseppe Marino for his work in restructuring the company and ushering in this new phase.