Ansaldo Energia to supply 300 MW open-cycle plant in Irsching, Germany

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Ansaldo Energia has been awarded an EPC contract (Engineering, Procurement and Construction, on a turnkey basis) for the design, supply and installation of an open-cycle thermoelectric power plant with an installed power of 300 MW in Irsching, in southern Bavaria (Germany).

The plant – called "Irsching 6" - will be equipped with an AE94.3A gas turbine, its generator and auxiliary systems. The plant will be operational by October 2022.

The contract is part of the German TSO project "besonderes netztechnisches Betriebsmittel -bnBm" (network reserve project) which includes tenders in four areas of southern Germany. Customer of the supply is the company Uniper, a major German utility. Last January, Uniper was awarded a contract by the TenneT network operator for the construction and operation of a reserve plant capable of timely supplying energy in case of emergency.

Purpose of the plant will in fact be to ensure a reliable supply of electricity, within the framework of the country's general strategy aimed at achieving ambitious climate improvement objectives, without risks for companies and households.


Ansaldo Energia has won this major European tender and is now proud of supporting Uniper in the

implementation of the project. The technological solution proposed has proven to be reliable, efficient and

economically profitable in a European transition scenario requiring an ever-increasing support for network

stability, in the context of a massive and growing use of renewable energy.