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Dr. Thorsten Osterhage, GT36 Product Manager at Ansaldo Energia, discusses his company’s various offerings, the latest GT36 gas turbine and future directions.

Tell our readers about Ansaldo Energia's turbomachinery portfolio.

Our expanded portfolio ranges from 78 MW at the bottom end to 500 MW (50 Hz) for the brand new GT36, as well as steam turbines and generators.

What turbomachinery trends have you observed?

There is a greater need in the industry for turbomachinery with higher operational flexibility and improved performance. In addition, power producers are under pressure to reduce emissions.

How is Ansaldo responding to these trends?

We are engineering flexible gas turbines (GTs) for simple cycle and combined cycle applications. This includes a high performance F-class engine as part of our enlarged portfolio, as well as the introduction of the new GT36 H-class gas turbine. Both the GT26 and the GT36 harness sequential combustion to lower emissions. This ensures superior operational flexibility for dynamic power markets. Features include high part-load efficiency, lower emissions for a broader emission-compliant window, and a lower turndown point (parking load) to 10% to 15% of plant load. This is important, as the alternative is shutting down the entire power plant.

What is the latest on the GT26?

Ansaldo Energia owns all the intellectual property for the GT26. Development continues, as well as service upgrades for older GT26 machines rated in 2006. The company has service contracts for more than 40 GT26 engines.


What should our readers know about the GT36?

The GT36 is a new H-class engine for both 50 Hz and 60 Hz markets. It combines high performance and superior operational flexibility in terms of operating range, turndown and fast reserve power. This enables the user to maximize dispatch and revenues. This new GT has also been optimized for maintenance and serviceability. It underwent full validation in the field at the Ansaldo power plant in Birr, Switzerland. We are currently ramping up manufacturing of this turbine at our facility in Genoa, Italy. Enlarged production capacities are now available for hot gas parts, welding and final assembly.

How about other Ansaldo turbomachinery assets?

Our AE gas turbines have strong positioning in the market, with two AE94.2 and three AE94.3A units sold this year (2Q- 2017). These GTs have been undergoing step-by-step improvements, based on minor modifications to the present configuration. Some of these changes have been driven by customer requests. This is enabling these proven machines to grow in terms of performance, operability and maintainability.

What does Ansaldo have in the development pipeline?

The energy market is rapidly changing due to the increasingly important role played by renewables, the focus on environmental impact, and the possibility of burning alternative fuels. That’s why we must be prepared to seize every opportunity to improve our products in line with shifting expectations. Recent and ongoing service upgrades, such as those for our GT26 and AE fleet, will allow our customers to take better advantage of their installed machines. This will provide them with increased performance, lower maintenance costs, enhanced operational flexibility, life extension and overall profitability.

What specialized services do you offer?

The takeover of Alstom heavy duty gas turbine assets and technology as well as U.S.-based Power Systems Manufacturing, allows Ansaldo Energia to offer customers a large portfolio of technical services. This goes beyond our own machines, but also encompasses turbomachinery from other OEMs. We offer integrated services for GTs, steam turbines and generators.