Ansaldo Nucleare, Enel to Research Small, Advanced Nuclear Reactor Technology

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The companies signed a collaboration agreement to evaluate new technologies and industrial applicability for small and advanced modular reactors.

Ansaldo Nucleare and Enel have signed a collaboration agreement to examine and evaluate new technologies, business models, and industrial applications for the generation of nuclear energy, such as small modular reactors (SMRs) and advanced modular reactors (AMRs). These reactors, some of which are under development, may enable the generation of electricity from nuclear sources, ensuring versatility and flexibility during operation.


The companies will explore prospects for SMRs and AMRs, analyzing opportunities from an industrial point of view. The agreement is designed to progressively assess the degree of maturity of new SMR and AMR reactors and related operational areas, as well as building a path for the analysis, monitoring, and evaluation of joint initiatives of the Italian supply chain. Ansaldo Nucleare and Enel will use these technologies as a development lever for a future advantage in new generation nuclear power.

Both Enel and Ansaldo Nucleare have been operating outside of Italy in the nuclear sector for several years and are part of the country’s National Platform for Sustainable Nuclear Power (PNNS) established at the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security. The PNNS aims to study a national strategy for the nuclear sector under a participatory and joint approach.