Asia's first solar combined cycle plant breaks ground in China

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Solar power generation is one of the key strategic emerging industries in China. Hanas New Energy Group (Hanas) recently commenced the construction of its integrated solar combined cycle (ISCC) trough solar power plant in Gaoshawo town, Yanchi county, Ningxia, China.  The project, launched on October 12, 2011, represents the first ISCC trough solar demonstration project in Asia.

Zhao Xiaoping, vice chairman of Ningxia, Taoyuan, vice chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) of Ningxia, and Ma Fuqiang, president of Hanas, attended the groundbreaking ceremony. The National Energy Administration also sent a message of congratulations.


The NEA’s letter noted, "The kick-off of the Hanas project marks the autonomous region which is marching forward to the new solar power technology. The project will serve as an important model for the design, construction, operation and management of solar thermal power projects in China, and position itself as a solar thermal power demonstration project with sophisticated technology and good economy."

The completion of the project will be the full realization of the coordinated development between renewable energy and clean energy, helping to enhance local energy structure, boost power quality, meet electricity demand across Ningxia and improve the local integrated energy system.