Atlas Copco Acquisitions January 2023

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Canadian gas and Korean cryopump companies

Atlas Copco is acquiring the operating assets of MedCore Services, a medical gas service provider in Ontario, Canada. MedCore Services was founded in 2010 and is based in Toronto, Canada. The company services piped medical gas equipment, including medical air systems, vacuum systems, and pipeline equipment. Customers are public healthcare and private clinics in Canada. The acquired business will become part of the Medical Gas Solutions Division within the Compressor Technique Business Area.

Second is the cryopump service and distribution business of ZEUS. The business provides service and sales distribution for the Vacuum Technique business area’s CTI and Polycold products in South Korea. The CTI and Polycold products are cryogenic vacuum pumps and refrigeration systems used in semiconductor manufacturing and general vacuum applications. The business will become part of the Semiconductor Service Division within the Vacuum Technique Business Area, operating under the Edwards brand.