Baker Hughes and C3.AI release production schedule optimization application

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Baker Hughes and C3 AI launched BHC3 Production Schedule Optimization (PSO), an enterprise AI application for industrial demand planning and manufacturing production scheduling. The application is intended to "improve supply chain and delivery performance for highly engineered products while minimizing manufacturing costs by generating industrial customer demand predictions and optimal production schedules using a holistic view of buyer activity, supply chain materials, and manufacturing and distribution operations," according to a press release.

BHC3 PSO produces demand forecasts for industrial and oil and gas operations, as well as defined manufacturing and distribution schedules while factoring in dynamic market conditions, operational constraints, and the inherent uncertainty associated with these operations. BHC3 PSO also generates actionable insights for buyers, sellers, inventory analysts and production schedulers to make near real-time adjustments to production schedules for industrial and oil and gas operations. The application is now generally available to oil and gas and manufacturing businesses.


BHC3 PSO integrates a wide range of inputs, including feedstock availability, changing market prices, priority customer orders, increasing reworks, and unplanned downtime. With the application, users can optimize goals across manufacturing and distribution activities, including inventory minimization and throughput maximization, while considering operational constraints including storage policy, asset performance, and resource availability.