Blockchain for Energy Launches B4ECarbon Emissions Management Solution

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The B4ECarbon emissions management solution utilizes blockchain, AI, and IoT systems to help track, report, and reduce carbon emissions.

Blockchain for Energy (B4E) announced the launch of the B4ECarbon emissions management solution developed in collaboration with Enovate AI. This solution is a new approach to how the energy sector conducts emissions tracking, reporting, and reduction. B4ECarbon leverages blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and IoT systems to address the need for accurate, transparent, and verifiable emissions data.

B4E and Enovate AI relied on their expertise in AI and machine learning (ML) to enhance the solution’s capabilities. B4ECarbon contains the consortium’s proprietary digital Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (dMRV) technology, which facilitates tokenizing of emissions-related data. The dMRV is built on Hedera Hashgraph’s advanced distributed ledger technology, offering a secure and efficient decentralized infrastructure for data management and transparency. This technology eliminates the potential for greenwashing and fraud in emissions claims.


“The launch of B4ECarbon marks a transformative moment for the energy sector, combining the power of blockchain, AI, and IoT to set new benchmarks in emissions management,” said Rebecca Hofmann, President, Blockchain for Energy. “We're not just tracking emissions; we're enabling the industry to make impactful decisions based on verified data and validated environmental claims. This solution paves the way for responsible energy production and consumption that aligns with global decarbonization goals."

Through an alignment with the standards set forth by the Interwork Alliance (IWA), B4ECarbon will advance data integrity and interoperability for emissions reporting. IWA standards and frameworks eliminate the proliferation of emissions data silos that are common in the industry. The alignment also fosters a unified approach to emissions management, allowing seamless collaboration and data exchange across the industry and its stakeholders.

The integration of Enovate AI’s technology suite into B4ECarbon advances the solution’s functionality, enabling intelligent reporting, data modeling, and forecasting. AI integration empowers users with insights and predictive analytics, allowing informed decision-making for emissions reduction strategies and efficient operations. Enovate’s technology leverages custom-trained models to ensure data security for operators.

B4ECarbon has integrated access to Tolam Earth—a dynamic marketplace for environmental claims. This functionality enables the monetization of environmental assets and encourages sustainable practices. In addition to usage from geothermal operators, the solution was built to serve other segments of the energy sector, such as hydrogen production, carbon capture and storage (CCS), and traditional energy generation.