BP acquires 750KW MT250s to reduce carbon footprint in Wyoming

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FlexEnergy Inc. has shipped three of its Flex Turbine MT250s to BP, to help the energy group further reduce its carbon footprint at its Wamsutter, WY, water disposal facility, through a contract with Power Service Inc. The 750KW system will utilize pipeline natural gas to produce continuous power in a grid isolated environment, while exceeding the highest air quality standards and powering on-site loads.

The FlexEnergy systems will power 100% of BP's onsite loads in the absence of a utility infrastructure. This Flex Turbine MT250 system also allows BP to grow operations while maintaining air quality compliance in a highly regulated environment.


Jeremy Olson, General Manager, Power Service Inc. said, "BP has a need for reliable power generation from systems that meet the strictest air quality standards, require low maintenance, and are designed for remote, industrial sites. With FlexEnergy's gas turbine technology, we are meeting BP's growing needs for power in an energy-conscious way and look forward to reducing both emissions and operating costs with the Flex Turbine MT250."

Joseph Perry, CEO of FlexEnergy Inc. said, "As BP has a growing need for reliable, independent power, the move to a cleaner technology will keep emissions within compliance while allowing the water disposal facility to power its continuous duty loads and stay in operation without the presence of a utility grid."