C3.AI to provide AI software to Yokogawa

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C3 AI and Yokogawa Electric Corporation signed a multi-year agreement for Yokogawa, and its wholly owned subsidiary, KBC, to use the C3 AI Suite as a platform to enhance enterprise AI applications and complement its digital transformation solutions and services for their industrial customers.

Yokogawa, a Japanese multinational electrical engineering and software company, with businesses based on its measurement, control, and information technologies, expects C3 AI to play a critical role in its AI-enabled offerings that deliver optimized productivity for clients, greater levels of industrial autonomy, and creation of new business opportunities across vertical industries, including power generation, renewables, mining and metals, chemicals, and oil and gas.

“The C3 AI Suite brings new opportunities to seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art AI into our software portfolio at enterprise scale,” said Yu Dai, a Yokogawa director and senior vice president of the company’s Digital Solutions Headquarters. “Our initial work with C3 AI will drive digital transformation through more accurate simulations for our customers, leading to improvements in their operational efficiency and margins.”


“With the C3 AI Suite powering Yokogawa’s market-leading offerings across industries, customers can look forward to faster, more accurate, and scalable tools for streamlining operations and adding to the bottom line,” said Tom Siebel, chairman and CEO of C3 AI. “Combining Yokogawa’s unique strengths in measurement, control, and simulation with C3 AI’s leading enterprise AI software will result in improved operations across industry verticals.”

The agreement also enables C3 AI to establish a direct presence in Japan through its work with Yokogawa.