Calnetix Blower System

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Launched to International Space Station


Calnetix Technologies and NASA completed ground testing of its new carbon dioxide (CO2) removal system and launched the high-speed blower system to the International Space Station (ISS). The CO2 removal system includes Calnetix’s magnetically levitated in-line blower and a dual controller. For this application, Calnetix worked with NASA to develop a system that includes a compact in-line blower on active magnetic bearings (AMBs) and an integrated hybrid dual controller to drive the blower.

Calnetix’s Momentum in-line blower is designed to drive the airflow through the system in a microgravity space environment. It uses magnetic bearings instead of conventional bearings to provide low transmitted vibration, high-speed levitation, low power consumption, high reliability, oil-free operation, and tolerance to particle contaminants in the air stream.