Camfil Power Systems releases gas turbine management tool

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Camfil Power Systems introduces PowerEye – the industry’s first predictive analytics engine that quantifies the impact of ambient conditions on the performance of air inlet filtration and combustion turbines. These insights are intended to drive higher power output and reduce operational expenses.

The PowerEye engine provides specialized analysis by pulling from Camfil’s proprietary filtration data. Camfil has developed algorithms to predict how different filter and atmospheric conditions will react and affect the performance of gas turbines.

With intelligence from PowerEye, operators can conduct predictive maintenance and address potential issues before they become costly problems resulting in downtime and equipment failure.

PowerEye pulls data from three main sources – Camfil’s proprietary PowerEye Air Monitoring Station telemetry device (installed at each facility), the facility site historian and online weather services. Data is securely transferred back to the central PowerEye server for analysis, then run through the PowerEye predictive analytics engine. The PowerEye engine calculates the impact of ambient conditions on the performance of air inlet filtration and combustion turbines and gives actionable maintenance recommendations to increase plant profitability.


Up to 25 users per site can access PowerEye data and predictions via a web-based dashboard. This dashboard enables monitoring of multiple assets across fleets to spot trends and quickly identify underperforming assets, enabling operators to take appropriate action.

PowerEye data is delivered through an annual service subscription. Camfil experts provide actionable reports, valuable analysis and critical insights into the status of filters and the performance of gas turbines. Three different subscription levels are available – Lite, Pro and Max – to best accommodate the needs of the operation and budget.