Capstone Continuing Operations

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An update on Capstone Green Energy Corporation

California 600 MW Microturbines

Capstone is selling two C600 Signature Series microturbines with Capstone integrated heat recovery modules (HRMs), totaling 1.2 megawatts (MWs). They are being deployed on-site to a power plant for an industrial manufacturer in Southern California and will be installed in a combined cooling heat and power (CCHP) application. The microturbines will be installed in a highly efficient trigeneration application and supply energy in three forms: electricity, heat, and chilled water.

Malaysian Oil & Gas 200 KW Microturbine

They’ve secured an order for a 200 kW microturbine-based system for an oil and gas application in Malaysia. The new system contains one ATEX-certified C200S microturbine, providing prime power for an offshore wellhead platform in Sarawak, Malaysia. This retrofit will replace a TA100 microturbine and use high-pressure natural gas (HPNG) from the platform wellhead as a fuel source.

Kansas 600 KW Microturbine


A renewable natural gas station in Kansas is the next buyer. Their distributor is selling a 600 kW microturbine system. the system will provide reliable power for gas compression operations at a remote site where no utility electricity is available. Powering it is a natural gas-fueled Capstone C600S configured for dual mode operation using on-site HPNG.

Follow-on Order for Canadian C200S Microturbines

Finally, the sale of two additional C200S high-pressure natural gas microturbine systems is taking place. The customer is a Canadian firm that provides mobile power to upstream oil and gas sites. The customer ordered two additional C200S microturbines, adding 400 kW of generation capacity. The microturbines will provide electricity to a remote natural gas well site.

Capstone microturbines are able to use the associated natural gas, a by-product of oil production at the remote site, as an input fuel source with minimal gas pre-treatment. They can be used in all phases of production operations, including upstream, midstream, and downstream, in both onshore and offshore applications.