Capstone Green Energy Receives Multiple Global Orders for Microturbine Energy Systems

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Compact microturbine solutions pave the way for energy efficiency across various industries in Colombia, Europe, and Spain.

Capstone Green Energy Corporation (Capstone) has received an order via its Colombian distributor, Supernova Energy Services SAS, for a C1000 Signature Series microturbine. The unit will be utilized at an industrial dairy in Colombia alongside an Alfa Laval steam boiler evaporator, generating 6,200 lbs. of steam per hour. Alfa Laval AB, a Swedish firm specializing in heat recovery products and a Capstone-approved network partner, is collaborating on this project, slated for commissioning in October 2023.

Darren Jamison, President and Chief Executive Officer of Capstone, affirmed the choice, explaining that "the reliability of a Capstone microturbine makes it a natural choice" for operations like a dairy where power interruptions can result in product wastage. He highlighted the turbine's low maintenance needs and compatibility with other technologies, in this case, the steam boiler.

The energy system, running on high-pressure natural gas (HPNG), will support the dairy’s pasteurization operations, while the Alfa Laval boiler will supply steam for the entire plant. The customer's decision to choose Capstone was influenced by reliability, minimal maintenance needs, and low emissions.

Simultaneously, Capstone's distributor in Germany, Belgium, Denmark, and the Netherlands, E-quad Power Systems GmbH, has secured four contracts for eight Capstone microturbines. These are from customers across various sectors, with each project expected to commission in the summer of 2023.


Mr. Jamison praised the "loyalty of our customers in returning to Capstone for additional units", emphasizing the reliability, efficiency, and environmental benefits of their solutions. Marcus Mehlkopf, Chief Financial Officer, Dipl.-Ing (Engineering), from E-quad Power Systems, reflected on the importance of microturbines amidst unprecedented gas and electricity price volatility.

Furthermore, Micropower Europe S.L., Capstone's distributor in Spain and Portugal, has procured an order for a C800 Signature Series with a Micropower biogas treatment unit and four heat recovery modules. This unit, to be operated at a landfill for electricity production for waste management and recycling operations, is set for commissioning in October 2023.

The C800S turbine design's modularity and integration capability with other technologies, such as heat recovery units, were factors in the client's choice. Given the remote location of the installation, the low maintenance needs of the microturbine were another critical factor.

Manel Blasco, Chief Executive Officer of Micropower Europe S.L., described the project as "combining several green technologies to produce a superior environmental outcome," asserting that the Capstone microturbines and heat recovery modules provided an optimal solution to the client's challenges.