Capstone secures microturbine order for Canadian plastics manufacturer

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Capstone has received a follow-on order for two low pressure natural gas-fueled C65 microturbines for a manufacturer of industrial plastics in Toronto, Canada. The order has an estimated commissioning date of November 2020.

The Canadian industrial plastics manufacturer has an existing microturbine fleet that includes four grid-connect C65 microturbines. Today, the electricity generated by the microturbines supports the day-to-day manufacturing production at the plant 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. The addition of the two microturbines will cover 90% of the manufacturer's billable energy demand.


Before implementing the microturbine solution, the plastics manufacturer purchased power from the local electric utility at some of the highest rates in the province. Since December 2019, the microturbines have safeguarded the company's power supply and significantly cut costs. Notably, this project demonstrates that, even without being utilized for combined heat and power (CHP), microturbines are able to reduce energy costs when operating in a power-only mode in certain areas of the Ontario market.