Capstone secures order from a compression station in New Mexico

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Capstone will install its C800S energy system at the compression station.

Capstone Green Energy Corporation signed a 10-year Parts and Labor Factory Protection Plan (FPP) service contract for a C800S (800 KW) Signature Series Capstone energy system installed at a remote gas compression station in Southeast New Mexico.

The remote gas compression station replaced their out-of-date natural gas reciprocating engines with the Capstone Green Energy C800S energy system in order to handle the additional loads associated with the upcoming planned plant expansion while remaining compliant with New Mexico's stringent air quality emissions standards. Commissioned in October 2020, the C800S provides 24x7 prime power to the station's A/C loads with N+1 redundancy and also meets New Mexico's emissions requirements without additional aftertreatment.

Capstone's FPP long-term comprehensive service product will provide complete service coverage, parts and labor for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for the next 10-years protecting the end-use customer from future cost increases associated with labor, replacement spare parts pricing, commodities, import tariffs, and interest rates.


"Over 90% of Horizon Power Systems service contracts are long-term parts and labor agreements. Long-term parts and labor service agreements provide full coverage protection by locking in the cost of maintenance parts and labor expenses for the term of the contract, which is a value add to the end-use customer. Creating value in partnership and minimizing risk for our Distributors and end-use customers is a key element of our Energy as a Service business model," stated Tracy Chidbachian, Director of Customer Service.