Capstone to provide 1.2 MW power for Alaskan project

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Capstone Turbine Corp. recently received an order for two C600 dual-mode microturbines to power a facility and on-site equipment at an oil field project in Alaska. Capstone's North American distributors Horizon Power Systems and Chenega Energy, worked together to secure the order and develop the power plant.

Two natural-gas-fired C600 dual-mode microturbines, designed specifically for high-humidity environments, will be installed at an onshore oil and gas production site in Alaska. These are expected to provide primary power for operating the oil facility and on-site equipment. The plant is likely to be commissioned in September 2015.


According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), natural gas accounts for over half of Alaska’s electricity generation. About three-fourths of the natural gas withdrawn is used at production sites.

Sam Henry, president of Horizon Power Systems said, “The conversion to natural gas is a more efficient solution than traditional diesel engines. Combined with the scalability of microturbines, this allows for the facility’s power plant to expand incrementally, as the volume of production is expected to increase over time.”

Greg Porter, president of Chenega Energy LLC. said, “Our Capstone microturbines surpass the very strict air emission requirements and need no lubricating oil, grease or coolants. This reduces the need for spill-containment and used oil remediation. They are a reliable solution in an industry which often needs to move very quickly.”