Capstone to provide Ontario Greenhouse with combined heat and power microgrid solution

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The company will provide a microgrid solution for a greenhouse expansion in Ontario.

Capstone Green Energy Corporation announced that its North American distributor, Vergent Power Solutions, has signed an agreement to provide a 1MW combined heat and power (CHP) microturbine for a large greenhouse expansion in Ontario, Canada.

Fueled by high pressure clean burning natural gas, the new off-grid system featuring Capstone's C1000S will provide power to the farm's 100-acre indoor greenhouse expansion. The design will feature inverter-based electronics to synchronize with a solar photovoltaic (PV) array in a standalone microgrid. The system will be designed to use the microturbines' waste heat to both produce hot water and to provide clean carbon dioxide to the greenhouse. The systems is planned for commissioning in spring 2022.