Capstone to provide service for turbines in Manhattan

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The service contract covers Capstone microturbines installed on a Manhattan skyscraper.

Capstone Green Energy Corporation announced that RSP Systems - Capstone's distributor in New York, Connecticut, and Ohio - recently signed a new Capstone Factory Protection Plan (FPP) service contract for 1.2 MWs of Capstone microturbines installed on a skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan.

The skyscraper's 1.2 MW plant consists of two Capstone C600S microturbines with Capstone's Integrated Heat Recovery Modules (iHRMs). The Capstone C600S systems have split bus bars allowing each C600S to reduce the building's electrical load at three individual points of entry (POE) for a total of six POEs. The thermal energy recovered by the iHRMs is fed to a 200-ton Broad Absorption Chiller, which operates year-round, providing cooling for the building. During the swing months of the year, when the cooling loads are less, the system can switch over to provide the recovered thermal energy to the building's heating load.


In signing this service agreement, RSP Systems has raised their fleet covered by Capstone's FPP to over 25 megawatts. The Capstone FPP will provide the end-use customer with fixed costs for scheduled and unscheduled parts for the next 10 years.