Capstone Turbine bags 1.5MW multi-unit order from China

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Capstone Turbine Corporation (CPST) recently announced that it has received an order for multiple microturbines from a new distributor, JiangSu Jin Tong Ling (JTL), in China. The order, likely to be commissioned by September 2016, is comprised of seven microturbines and covers Capstone’s complete product range: C1000, C200, C65 and C30. The units will be used in CHP and portable power applications, including a C200 to be installed at one of JTL’s factories.

JTL provides large centrifugal fans, large centrifugal blowers and high voltage centrifugal blowers, apart from natural gas-powered products. JTL's products are mainly applied in steel smelting, thermal power generation, new suspension pre-heater cement, petrochemical engineering, sewage disposal, waste heat recovery and nuclear power.


Darren Jamison, President and Chief Executive Officer of Capstone, said, “Adding new distributors in key markets is essential to increasing and diversifying our revenue sources, which is an important part of our three-pronged recovery plan, along with reducing operating expenses and improving gross margins.”