Capstone Turbine receives 1.4MW of follow-on orders for microturbines

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Capstone Turbine has announced that it recently received 1.4MW of orders from E-Finity Distributed Generation for microturbines. These microturbines are likely to be used for oil and gas operations in the Marcellus and Utica Shale regions. E-Finity Distributed Generation, Capstone's distributor for the Marcellus and Utica Shale plays, has secured multiple orders totaling 1.4MW of electric power.

The shale customer has turned to Capstone and E-Finity to power two new compressor station facilities in New York. A Capstone C800 Series product will power one station and the other will have a C600 Series product. Both the sites are likely to have a heat exchanger paired with their Capstone system. The combined heat and power systems are expected to provide both primary electric power and a water heating source for buildings and facility fuel gas heating.


The customer has also invested in Capstone's Factory Protection Plan, which will provide 24/7, year round maintenance for their turbines. Jeff Beiter, Managing Partner for E-Finity said, "It's great to see our Oil & Gas customers take advantage of our clean waste heat and cogeneration, increasing their overall efficiency. In fact, these sites have the ability to be upwards of 75% efficient."

Darren Jamison, President and Chief Executive Officer at Capstone Turbine said shale gas producers are focused on increasing efficiency and lowering operating costs in response to the drop in energy prices. “Follow-on orders like this certainly indicate that major oil and gas producers are continuing to select Capstone's efficient and low life cycle cost microturbines as their preferred option for their critical onsite power needs."