CEO Resignation Leaves Vacancy at Capstone Green Energy

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Darren Jamison, former CEO of Capstone Green Energy, has stepped away from the company, leaving the interim position to Board Member Robert C. Flexon until a replacement is chosen.

The Capstone Green Energy Corp. is attempting to fill the role of President and CEO following the resignation of long-time executive Darren Jamison. The resignation is in effect Aug. 22, 2023, and the board elected to promote Chairman Robert C. Flexon, Executive Chairman, to serve as interim President and CEO effective Aug. 9. Additional administrative changes include Flexon’s promotion to Executive Chairman and Denise M. Wilson appointment as Independent Director of the board.

“The board thanks Darren for his 16 years of service at Capstone. As we support the company and employees during this transition period, we are grateful to be able to tap into Bob’s leadership and industry experience,” said Denise Wilson, Capstone Lead Independent Director.

Prior to Jamison’s resignation and the subsequent naming of an interim, Flexon maintained a position on the Capstone board for five years, beginning in 2018. Capstone Green Energy looks to Flexon for financial expertise in the power sector, as well as his ability to alter company culture during the transitionary period.


“I am looking forward to engaging with the team during the transition period while working with the rest of the board to recruit and retain a leader who will guide Capstone in the years ahead. The dedicated team at Capstone, with its unmatched technology, intends to continue to deliver on our commitments to customers, and build on the milestone of 50 MW under contract in the energy-as-a-service business that the company reached earlier this year,” Flexon said. “My immediate focus will be improving the company’s financial health to better and more consistently serve our customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders of Capstone.”

Flexon served executive roles at companies such as Dynegy, Foster Wheeler, and NRG.