CIRCOR Updates CIRCORSmart App with Hydrogen-Ready Check, Info on Spare Parts

Published on: 

Updates to the CIRCORSmart App includes hydrogen-ready check and information about spare parts and products.

CIRCOR International, Inc. updated its CIRCORSmart app to expand the functionality and number of products covered by the app, including a hydrogen-ready check that allows users to check whether their RTK valves are ready for the hydrogen fuel economy.

The app provides users with secure, round-the-clock access to technical information for over 860,000 products from any web-connected device. Expanding on the order and request quotes feature for spare parts, RTK now offers cover gaskets, spindle packing, cones, flange connections, seat rings, and diaphragms for its valves (where applicable) as well as potentiometer, REPOS, transmitter, and feedback module for its REact actuators.