Combined cycle starts operation in Bangladesh

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Shanghai Electric Group's first combined cycle power plant (CCPP) in


 has entered into commercial operation. Converted from a 150MW simple cycle gas turbine power plant, the 225MW combined cycle power plant in Sylhet is projected to continuously meet electricity demands in the eastern region of 




The plant's upgraded CCPP technology allows for reduced emissions while ensuring higher thermal efficiency. Featuring a 100MW GVPI air-cooled generator, the plant is designed to operate for its entire life without the need for rewedding or retightening its laminated core: This is a significant achievement, given the plant's capacity has been increased by 90MW with less maintenance requirements. In the eight years prior to the upgrade, the plant has provided 8.19 billion kWh electricity to the national grid, and this figure is estimated to increase by 640 million kWh an annual basis.

The group's patented GVPI (Global Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) technology is said to have help improve plant efficiency from 33% to 55%.