Combustion dynamics measurement in China

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Turbine Technology Services Corporation (TTS), a full-service gas turbine engineering services firm based in Orlando, Florida, has delivered two TTS CMS-1000 portable combustion dynamics measurement system (CDMS), for customers in Jinjiang, China.


Gas turbine power plants in the Asian nation are presenting an opportunity for TTS, whose customers operate Frame 9F DLN2+ GE gas turbines that require the monitoring of emission levels and periodical tuning.

TTS developed its CMS-1000 Combustor Dynamic Monitoring System to meet the needs of advanced class gas turbine operators for dynamic pressure measurement and analysis system and it is specifically tailored for measuring dynamic pressure pulsations in gas turbine with Dry Low NOx combustion systems.

The CMS-1000 can be portable or permanently installed and the data used to keep the combustion system optimized, as well as maintaining gas turbines at the lowest possible emission levels.

Equipment tuning can be done manually or thru an auto tune function and TTS will be providing training to its customers on their new equipment—thus offering a complete solution that ensures its optimal operation.

Training will be conducted by Mr. Mitchell Cohen and will include the commissioning of the portable systems, as well as training on the use of the CMS-1000 system and analysis software for tuning and optimizing the units' combustion systems.

The CDMS installed by TTS will help Chinese customers maintain their GE gas turbine's Dry low NOx (DLN) combustion systems at peak performance, as these combustion systems have been designed to meet today's stringent emissions control guidelines.