Compact Concattm GT SCR catalyst aids NOx reduction of up to 95 percent

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Johnson Matthey’s Stationary Emissions Control (SEC) group has recently made available the new, more compact extruded ceramic Concattm GT SCR catalyst, specifically designed for gas turbines, which is suitable for new or retrofit applications. The compact catalyst provides a honeycomb structure that gives high performance NOx reduction of up to 95 percent with less catalyst.

The result is a smaller catalyst package, lower pressure drop across the catalyst and less ammonia slip. This gives turbine owners/operators and SCR system engineers greater flexibility in system design. Concat GT SCR catalyst is ideal for replacement or new installations.  

Johnson Matthey pioneered CO oxidation catalyst for gas turbines in the 1970s. Since then, oxidation catalysts have been installed in some of the most environmentally challenging applications, providing more than 90 percent reduction of CO, VOC, formaldehyde and other toxic compounds. Johnson Matthey SEC provides SCR catalysts for coal power plants and engineered SCR systems for stationary diesel and gas engines.