Compact pressure sensor

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Kistler’s new 4017A piezoresistive absolute pressure sensor combines measuring features with compactness and media compatibility for use in engine development as well as hydraulic and pneumatic applications in hot and cold environments. Piezoresistive (PR) pressure sensors consist of a silicon-based Wheatstone bridge which changes its electric resistance when exposed to pressure. This PR effect means that the sensing element is free of drift to a great extent – and is good at capturing static pressures. They can also be used for dynamic pressure measurements due to their ability to capture rapidly changing pressures even in low-pressure ranges.

The 4017A has a mounting size of only M5x0.5. Its oil-filled measuring cell is media-isolated by a stainless-steel diaphragm and delivers media compatibility for both gaseous and liquid media. With a compensated temperature range from –20°C to +140°C, the new sensor can also be used for low-temperature tests. The digital temperature compensation allows a high level of accuracy (≤1% FSO), even in harsh environments. Sensor health monitoring (operating temperature: –40 to +180°C) is possible during measurements, due to the integrated temperature measuring element.