Concepts NREC releases new CAE and CAM software

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Screenshot of Concepts NREC CAE and CAM software.[/caption]

Concepts NREC released new versions of its Agile Engineering Design System and OMNIS/Agile. The Agile Engineering Design System is an integrated suite of software modules for Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) specialized for turbomachinery.

New capabilities in every module make the software easier to learn and use, run faster, produce more accurate results, and expand the types of components that can be designed, optimized and manufactured. The systems are intended to optimize turbomachinery designs based on the impact to cost, machining time, and performance.

Among the new CAM capabilities in v8.9 of MAX-PAC are new toolpaths for roughing gas turbine components using Tshaped slotting disc cutters, improvements for machining inducers and other highly wrapped and swept components such as rocket engine turbopumps, and the availability of a new optional module for machine simulation.


On the CAE side, some highlights are a new model for choke prediction in diffusers in COMPAL, the ability to design and analyze mixed-flow turbines in RITAL, the ability to import legacy axial blades from other systems and design drooped leading edges for axial machines in AxCent, and additional capabilities to design and analyze secondary flow passages in AxCent and Fine/Turbo through pbPost.

OMNIS/Agile runs natively on Linux and Windows, allowing transfers of data between modules. Using OMNIS/Agile 5.1, users can work in both meanline (AXIAL) and blading (AxCent) under the common OMNIS user interface, with the flexibility of changing from English to Chinese or Japanese.

The first beta version of the company’s new cycle analysis product, CyCAL, is also available with the OMNIS/Agile 5.1 release. This new product couples the thermodynamic cycle and systems analysis with existing CAE design and analysis tools.

Version 8.9 and version 5.1 of OMNIS/Agile is available immediately to users on active Agile Product Support (APS).