3 SGT-300s to drive Datum compressors at Malaysian gas field

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Siemens Gas and Power (Siemens) will supply three SGT-300 industrial gas turbine generators (GTG), three mechanical-drive SGT-300 gas turbines, and three DATUM centrifugal compressors for the Petronas Kasawari Gas Field Development Project in the South China Sea, offshore Sarawak in Malaysia.

The three SGT-300 GTG units will have dual-fuel capability. Each turbine will have a power capacity of 7.9 MW. The units will provide the necessary power to the entire offshore Central Processing Platform (CPP) that will process and export the natural gas. Power demands include living quarters and electrical utilities for all process systems and wellheads.

The three SGT-300 mechanical drive gas turbines are designed to produce a power output of 9 MW. They will directly drive the DATUM compressors that will compress and export sales gas to the existing riser platform nearshore, before delivering gas to the liquefied natural gas (LNG) complex.

The core engine for each SGT-300 will be manufactured at the Siemens Gas Turbine Service Center in Lincoln, United Kingdom, and the GTGs and gas turbine compressor train will be packaged and tested in Houston, Texas, USA. The units will be delivered to the customer in time for the planned startup of the CPP in Q1 2023.


The Kasawari gas field was discovered 124 miles (200 km) offshore, to the north of Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia, in 2011 within a water depth of approximately 354 ft. (108 m).

The Kasawari Field Development Project includes a drilling platform, a CPP, a 49-mile (80-km) export pipeline, and a riser platform. The produced gas will be treated for H2S and CO2 removal and will be dehydrated offshore prior to exporting.

Once in production, the field will produce up to 900 MMcfd (24.5 x 106 m3/d) of gas which will be delivered to the Petronas LNG Complex in Bintulu, Sarawak.