Destinus SA Secures Acquisition of OPRA

Published on: 

The transition incorporates a renaming of OPRA to Destinus SA, aiming to expand sustainable solutions in power generation, hydrogen, and aviation.

European aerospace firm Destinus SA has announced the successful acquisition of OPRA. As part of the acquisition process, the OPRA company name will transition to Destinus SA. However, the OPRA OP16 product name, associated with the company's gas turbine products, will retain its original designation.

The acquisition will allow the company to provide customers with a wider array of sustainable solutions in the power generation, hydrogen, and aviation sectors. As part of Destinus, OPRA will work in the European hydrogen propulsion industry.

The company values the continued support of its clients and partners and aims to sustain existing business relationships. It encourages stakeholders to reach out with any queries or concerns about this transition.


Destinus is a European aerospace company specializing in the development of hydrogen-powered airplanes. The company's ambition is to develop ultra-long-range hypersonic flight technologies, making it a routine aspect of future transportation. Destinus integrates aeronautical and space technologies into their designs, aiming to reduce intercontinental transport times without sacrificing comfort, cost, or noise levels.