Doosan Heavy and Korea Western Power team up to launch Korean-standard CCPP model

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Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction signed an “MOU on Cooperation for Next Generation Korean Standard Combined Cycle Power Plant Installation” with Korean Western Power Co on July 13. For the medium to long term, the two parties seek to jointly develop a Korean standard combined cycle power plant(CCPP) model that is competitive in the CCPP market at both home and abroad, and collaborate on making good use of their global business networks and effectively develop the overseas markets for the next generation Korean standard CCPP model.

The two companies will be joining forces to promote the growth of the Korean gas turbine industry by supporting small & medium enterprises(SMEs) and mid-sized companies on their technology development efforts for domestically-made power equipment and materials and will actively seek to develop sales channels in both the domestic and overseas markets.


When Doosan had signed a gas turbine supplier agreement with Korea Western Power Co. in December 2019 for the Gimpo Combined Heat & Power(CHP) Plant, it had secured the opportunity to conduct a demonstration run of the large gas turbine that it had successfully developed on its own. Korea Western Power Co. will now be working with Doosan to facilitate the successful launch of the next generation Korean standard CCPP model by providing Doosan with the operating and technical data acquired over the years from their demo projects.