Doosan to supply steam turbine generator set for coal-fired plant in Chile

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Doosan Skoda Power of Doosan Group recently bagged a turnkey contract to supply a steam turbine generator set for the IEM1 (Infraestructura Energética Mejillones) coal-fired power plant in Chile. Located in the Antofagasta region, this is said to be the largest steam turbine from Doosan Skoda Power to be installed in Latin America, with an expected output of 375 MW.

Specifically designed to withstand high seismic activity in Chile, the steam turbine is based on Doosan Skoda Power designs installed near the Antofagasta region, a similar high-risk earthquake zone. It has a double casing design with a combined high-pressure and intermediate pressure part, a double flow low-pressure part and steam reheat, and uses advanced structural elements and nodes, such as 3D blading and welded rotor.


The EIM1 power plant is scheduled to come online in mid-2018. The design manufacturing of major components is likely to be delivered by the end of 2016. This project is expected to subsequently increase the total capacity of Doosan Skoda Power steam turbines installed for the past 15 years in Latin America to nearly 2.4 GW.