Doosan wins tender to supply steam turbine in Indonesia

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Doosan Skoda Power has been awarded a contract to supply a steam turbine in Indonesia.

The contract is to facilitate the expansion of Block 2 at the Grati gas-fired power plant (East Java), converting its gas cycle into a combined cycle. The steam turbine for this project is a single-casing 195 MW turbine.

Towards the end of 2015, Doosan Škoda Power won a tender to supply a 198 MW steam turbine for Block 3 at the Grati power plant, which they had already worked on through a Korean EPC supplier, Lotte Engineering & Construction.


The new project will see Doosan Škoda Power supply to the parent company DHI, which is an EPC supplier. The investor is the largest, state-owned PLN power company’s daughter company - Indonesia Power.

Martin Baxa, Doosan business project manager, said, “This contract, being our second contract in Indonesia in a short period, has confirmed to us that focusing on this up-and-coming market is the right strategy for our company. The success was predominantly carried through close collaboration with our colleagues from our parent company, who we are able to support effectively with a suitable steam turbine design.”