Dresser-Rand sells new DATUM centrifugal compressor model to Pemex

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Dresser-Rand, supplier of rotating equipment solutions, recently reached a milestone when it sold its 1,000


DATUM centrifugal compressor ---the new DATUM I centrifugal compressor – to Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), to supplement capacity on its existing Abkatun-D Platform located in the Tabasco Field in the Bay of Campeche. Dresser-Rand will engineer, fabricate, install and test the two compression modules with an expected delivery to Pemex in early 2014.


Recent changes in Mexican environmental regulations required Pemex to reduce and eventually eliminate gas flaring on its offshore platforms. To comply with this requirement, additional compression capacity was needed on its Abkatun-D platform to move the gas to a downstream collection point.

Dresser-Rand recommended using two single-lift compression trains, each containing two DATUM compressors driven by VECTRA power turbines. The DATUM unit in low pressure service on each module is configured as a double-flow machine and provides the inlet flow capacity of a compressor much larger in size. In high pressure service on each module, the DATUM I compressors incorporate Dresser-Rand proprietary rotary separator technology within the compressor body to remove liquids from the incoming gas stream which eliminates the need for conventional external separation equipment.

The DATUM I compressor in the second compression train was identified as the 1,000th DATUM compressor sold. It is part of the DATUM ICS (Integrated Compression System) which integrates rotary separator technology, together with a high-speed, close-coupled, gas-cooled motor; magnetic bearing rotor system; dedicated unit controls; process coolers, valves, instrumentation and interconnecting piping - all packaged in a compact module design.