Dresser-Rand supports Saudi grad student research

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Dresser-Rand, a supplier of rotating equipment solutions to the worldwide oil, gas, petrochemical, and process industries, has finalized a collaborative research agreement (CRA) with King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM). The company recently participated in the 2nd Annual KFUPM Research Day to highlight activity taking place under the research agreement.

As a sponsor, Dresser-Rand supported the KFUPM Research Day with a booth and exhibited the Dresser-Rand Array demonstration rig. An interactive demonstration of the Array noise reduction technology was performed, and KFUPM students from the Mechanical Engineering Department presented findings of a Dresser-Rand-funded research project focused on improving the Array technology.


The research team from KFUPM included Dr. Samir Mekid and three students. Two undergraduate students worked on how to reduce the manufacturing cost of Array technology. They collaborated with another team of students from Lehigh University on the same topic. A graduate student studied resonator arrays in general to further improve the acoustic performance of Dresser-Rand arrays.

Elements of the joint research project included a presentation covering acoustics fundamentals, acoustic measurement techniques and an Array demonstration. A field noise survey at Saudi Aramco sites was also conducted by Dresser-Rand and KFUPM.

In addition to the CRA, Dresser-Rand and Saudi Aramco are evaluating opportunities to apply noise reduction technology to compressor installations at production facilities within the Kingdom. Office space has been established in Dhahran Techno Valley to provide a convenient location for Dresser-Rand personnel to meet and collaborate with local students in support of these and other local projects.