Dresser-Rand to supply pipeline compressor trains

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Dresser-Rand – part of Siemens’ power and gas division – has recently received an order for the supply of five gas turbine-driven compressor trains for two pipelines in Mexico. Mexican project developer, Fermaca Enterprises, placed the order.

The compressor trains are expected to be commissioned in the winter 2017. Moreover, both stations are planned to begin commercial operation in early 2018. The parties also signed a 25 year service agreement for the units.

Each compressor train consists of an STC-SV single shaft compressor, driven by a Siemens SGT-400 gas turbine.

The equipment will provide compression power for a 1500 km pipeline that will transport natural gas from the north to the center of the country, where it will feed several new, high-efficiency power plants and local industry.


Two of the trains will be installed at a pipeline station in La Laguna. The other three will be part of a pipeline compressor station in Villa de Reyes. This order follows the El Encino-La Laguna pipeline project, which was successfully completed with Fermaca and has given new impetus to the Mexican oil and gas industry.

“The choice of technology and, more importantly, supplier selection are critical elements for Fermaca’s success and resilience,” said Dr. Raul Monteforte, Chief Development Officer of Fermaca.