Elliott CO2Phase Compression Tech

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Solution addresses demand for CO2 compression

Elliott Group is releasing the CO2Phase Hybrid Compressor Pump Solution. Elliott is combining experience in CO2 compression and pump technology to develop a solution addressing the handling of high-pressure CO2.

This compressor/pump design will handle CO2 compression needs, from atmospheric pressure to typical piping pressure of around 2200 PSI and higher for sequestration requirements.


While each package configuration may vary slightly based on specific conditions or needs, a typical CO2Phase compressor package would include: the compressor, pump, motor(s), gear, lube system, and buffer or seal system. Configurations are available with a double ISO-cooled compressor with a pump and two motors.

“The technology allows for compression of CO2 from near atmospheric pressure to supercritical pressures followed by efficiently pumping the CO2 to the final required pressure. It is ideal for CO2 pipelines or CO2 sequestration,” says Todd Omatick, Elliott’s New Product Introduction Manager.