Pneumatic trip system receives SIL 3 certification

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Elliott Group, a global provider of rotating equipment for the oil & gas, power generation, and process industries, announced today that its Pneumatic Trip System, with or without partial stroke actuation, has received  the IEC 61508 SIL 3 Capable safety certification. The SIL 3 Capable certification was awarded by Exida, a leading certification company specializing in automation system safety, security, and availability.

Elliott’s Pneumatic Trip System provides a vital safety function for steam turbines. In response to an overspeed event, it shuts the turbine down to prevent damage or catastrophic failure. Partial stroke functionality gives operators a safe, efficient, and convenient way to exercise the pneumatic trip valve without interfering with the turbine’s operation or the system’s ability to trip the turbine if an overspeed event occurs.


“The SIL 3 Capable certification gives an extra level of assurance to our customers that Elliott’s Pneumatic Trip System provides a key safety function and reduces risk in critical process environments,” said Bill Pacelli, Engineering Manager, Industrial Products.  “Exida’s rigorous evaluation and certification process validates that our system meets the stringent manufacturing, quality, and performance requirements of IEC 61508.”