Elsevier Turbo-Hydrogen Book

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Guide on how turbomachinery fits with hydrogen

Publisher Elsevier is releasing a new book titled Machinery and Energy Systems for the Hydrogen Economy, edited by Klaus Brun and Tim Allison, available at all major booksellers. This book provides engineers, scientists, and technical leaders with a breadth of knowledge to design and build the infrastructure of a hydrogen economy.

With over 40 individual expert contributors, the manuscript in general covers all major machinery, heat engine types, designs, production, storage, distribution, and consumption for a hydrogen economy. Its primary focus is on machinery and heat engine design implementation within various production, transport, and storage use cases


More nuancedly, the use of hydrogen in pipeline transport, energy storage, and as fuel are covered. It also discusses hydrogen machinery applications, their selection criteria, economics, safety aspects, and operational limitations in different hydrogen economy sectors.

Machinery and Energy Systems for the Hydrogen Economy
eBook ISBN: 9780323906609
Paperback ISBN: 9780323903943