Enapter Delivers AEM Flex 120 Electrolyzer to ABC-Klinkergruppe, Replaces Natural Gas

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Green hydrogen produced by the AEM Flex 120 electrolyzer will replace natural gas to decarbonize the company’s manufacturing processes.

Enapter AG has announced the completion of an AEM Flex 120 electrolyzer delivery to its customer in Hörstel, Germany—ABC-Klinkergruppe. The green hydrogen production system is expected to be operational by the end of 2023 for the decarbonization of ABC-Klinkergruppe’s manufacturing processes. The AEM Flex 120 will feed hydrogen into the company’s gas mix, replacing natural gas previously used for process heat. ABC-Klinkergruppe plans to gradually increase the hydrogen’s gas mix integration to 100% in order to become carbon-neutral.

“In numerous industries and among medium-sized enterprises, there is a growing demand for practical, energy-efficient solutions to replace fossil fuels,” said Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, CEO, Enapter. “Our electrolyzers are highly scalable and flexible, allowing for straightforward upgrades as demand increases. This enables companies like ABC-Klinkergruppe to quickly and easily enter the hydrogen economy.”


The AEM Flex 120 electrolyzer covers a market gap between the AEM electrolyzer EL 4 and the MW-scale AEM multicore. The Flex 120 can produce approximately 53kg of hydrogen per day, with a nominal power of 120 kW and an optional dryer purity of 99.99% at an output pressure of 35 bar. It is a skid-mounted, self-contained product that allows industry and energy developers to produce low-cost green hydrogen.

“Our production is energy-intensive. We have long been searching for an alternative to fossil fuels to make our operations more environmentally friendly and to become less dependent on increasingly volatile gas prices,” said Christian Käsekamp, Project Lead, ABC-Klinkergruppe. “The AEM Flex 120 now allows us to produce hydrogen quickly and cost-effectively, optimizing our energy supply. I am confident that in the foreseeable future, we will achieve our goal of becoming completely carbon-neutral.”

These electrolyzers will be primarily applied to industrial projects, hydrogen refueling solutions for charging stations, and electricity storage for peak load reduction and self-sufficient energy usage. Enapter’s AEM Flex 120 electrolyzer has been purchased by ABC-Klinkergruppe for approximately €7 million.