Energy Systems Network Forms Alliance to Support Clean Hydrogen Market

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The Hydrogen Industry Alliance comprises energy and mobility companies that will support clean hydrogen development through collaboration and commercial partnerships.

Energy Systems Network (ESN) launched a non-profit collaborative group called the Hydrogen Industry Alliance (HIA) to operate in the Midwest and other regions. The HIA will catalyze establishing commercial partnerships to accelerate the clean hydrogen market with members such as bp and Hoosier Energy.

“There is no shortage of commercial interest in clean hydrogen, but sustained development requires clear market-driven policies that will attract private investment and meet diverse customer needs,” said Paul Mitchell, President and CEO of Energy Systems Network. “We have heard from companies across the energy, manufacturing, and transportation sectors who desire a best-in-class industry-led platform for commercial collaboration, advocacy, and education. This is exactly why we are launching the Hydrogen Industry Alliance.”

Inaugural members of the HIA include bp, Doral Group H2, Duke Energy Indiana, The Heritage Group, Hoosier Energy, Itochu Corp., and MISO. Companies will be welcomed to the HIA on a select basis to balance industry representation from technology supply, production, delivery, and consumption in energy, transportation, and manufacturing.


“There is so much policy, investment, and R&D activity in this new clean hydrogen market it’s hard to keep track of, let alone fully engage and study the projects, policies, and innovations underway,” said Neil Banwart, Managing Director of Hydrogen at ESN and Chief Integration Officer of the Midwest Alliance for Clean Hydrogen. “This alliance will provide a one-stop-shop for companies to navigate all the noise, understand the real market trends, find like-minded partners, and have a seat at the table with key policymakers.”

The clean hydrogen market announced more than 1,400 projects, which will require $570 billion in investments by 2030. These projects, as well as the economic development needed for their execution, require cross-industry cooperation and partnerships between the public and private sectors at state, regional, and national levels. ESN’s HIA group will facilitate shared project learnings and market research, advocate with governments at all levels, and provide education on clean hydrogen benefits to drive clean hydrogen market development.

“I am excited to see ESN launch the Hydrogen Industry Alliance. This alliance will play a key role in commercial collaboration, advocacy, and education, three key pillars to realize the widescale adoption of hydrogen technology,” said Rushabh Shah, Director, Midwest Hydrogen & CCS at BP.

The HIA is based in Indiana and will initially seek out companies in the U.S. Midwest, eventually collaborating with other regions in active clean hydrogen markets. It will support its members during engagement with U.S. policy leaders to align with policies and regulations at a national level.

The Department of Energy (DOE) is a major driving force behind hydrogen legislation and funding for a variety of production projects. Recently, the DOE awarded the Chemours Company a total of $60 million in grants following a review of two applications. Chemours and its partners will allocate this funding toward the acceleration of membrane technology for PEM water electrolysis to advance a U.S. hydrogen economy supply chain, as well as the creation of a Recovery and Recycling consortium dedicated to the circulation of PEM electrolyzers and fuel cells.