EnergyMark Completes Acquisition of Crown Energy Services

Published on: 

The assets of Crown Energy—New York customers and natural gas supply infrastructure—have been absorbed by EnergyMark in the deal.

EnergyMark has completed the purchase of Crown Energy Service’s assets in its New York coverage area, including clients and supply assets such as energy storage, transportation capacity, and production capabilities. These supply assets have been transferred to EnergyMark from 24 New York-based natural gas producers that had previous contracts with Crown Energy Services. EnergyMark will absorb customers from a variety of backgrounds, supplying natural gas services to industrial, commercial, and residential clients in Crown Energy’s former service zone.

The Crown Energy Services acquisition was made in preparation for the transition from traditional, fossil-based energy to renewable forms, specifically within the energy sectors of New York and the United States as a whole. EnergyMark is shifting its portfolio to the renewable energy space through biogas derived from dairy farms, community solar project management, and carbon offset credit procurement.


"The acquisition of Crown Energy aligns well with our current customer book and demonstrates our plan for long-term growth in Western New York and beyond," said Gary Marchiori, President of EnergyMark. "EnergyMark will continue to provide locally sourced energy while also offering sustainability and renewable energy options to the Crown book of customers."

In addition to EnergyMark’s investments in the New York RNG supply market, the company established a 10 MW, 50-acre solar facility in West Valley, NY, which provides electricity for over 2,000 homes.