ESC Spectrum Acquires Monitoring Company

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ESC Spectrum has acquired Monitoring Solutions

ESC Spectrum has acquired Monitoring Solutions to grow the company’s footprint in the Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) market. The acquired company will operate as Monitoring Solutions, an ESC Spectrum Company. Monitoring Solutions has been helping customers meet demands for air pollution monitoring and reporting due to Part 60 and Part 75 regulatory requirements since 1997.


ESC Spectrum delivers products and services for air emissions compliance to customers in various industries, including electric power, petroleum, chemical, glass, and more. The company is a provider of data acquisition systems (DAS) in the U.S, offering a solution that includes software, hardware, and services. Products include StackVision and Prism DAS, the 8864 Data Controller, QAInsight, FlexReports, and RataView.