EthosEnergy supplies combustion components for GE 7EA gas turbine

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EthosEnergy recently completed a contract for the supply of new manufactured combustion components for TransCanada's Ocean States power plant. The standard combustion liners and transition pieces were installed in a GE Frame 7EA gas turbine at the Rhode Island site.

TransCanada required short cycle delivery of components for a scheduled outage and EthosEnergy's approach provided the necessary confidence to guarantee on-time delivery, extended warranties, and full OEM parts interchangeability.


This contract follows previous contracts between the two companies for gas turbine fuel nozzle repairs. The supply of new gas turbine components is part of the overall products and services offered by EthosEnergy.

Frank Avery, president of Power Plant Services, EthosEnergy said, “The combination of high-quality parts and a commitment to service excellence delivers real benefits to our customers in terms of equipment reliability and a lower cost of ownership over a project life cycle.” The company was able to reduce the capital requirements for TransCanada, supply quality new parts on-time, and decrease the risk that the installation window could extend this critical outage, he added.