Exergy to supply binary system for brine recovery geothermal plant in the Philippines

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The binary unit will use the geothermal brine of two existing flash power plants onsite to produce 3.6 GW of additional power.

Exergy International, a provider of new-generation geothermal binary power plants, and a part of the Chinese TICA Corporation, signed a contract with Energy Development Corporation (EDC) for the supply of an ORC binary system. The system will consist of a single pressure level bottoming cycle equipped with a Radial Outflow Turbine that will recover the thermal energy to produce 3.6 MWe of power before the brine is reinjected into the reservoir.

Located in the Philippines on the Mindanao island, the new Mindanao 3 unit will be EDC’s first geothermal brine recovery plant to go online in 2022. It will help generate an additional 3.6 MW of power from an existing geothermal field that utilizes the waste geothermal brine available from Mindanao 1 and 2 steam power plants, thus boosting the efficiency and sustainability of power generation at the site.


The scope of Exergy’s project involves the engineering, design and supply of the ORC system and technical equipment, including the cooling towers and the brine dosing system. Exergy will also provide technical advisory services to EDC.

The start-up of the plant is expected by the first half of 2022.