FGE, Starwood to build two 747 MW combined cycle facilities in Texas

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FGE Power LLC and its subsidiary FGE Texas, LLC, recently announced that they have agreed to strategically partner with an affiliate of Starwood Energy Group Global LLC to finance and build two identical 747 MW combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) facilities near Westbrook and Colorado City, Mitchell County, Texas.

(The project is expected to enable ERCOT to meet the growing need for energy)

The nearly 1,500 MW FGE Texas project, said to deploy Alstom Thermal Power's next generation KA24-2 power platform, is to be positioned among the most efficient CCGT's in all of ERCOT, and is expected to enable ERCOT to meet the growing need for clean and sustainable energy resources in Texas.


The first phase of the two-phased power generation development, FGE Texas I (a 2x1 configuration 747 MW CCGT facility), is anticipated to break ground for construction in the fall of 2014 and reach commercial operations by early 2017. The second phase (FGE Texas II), a mirror image of phase one, is anticipated to break ground in early 2015 and will achieve commercial operations by the summer of 2017.

Emerson G. Farrell, CEO & President of FGE Power LLC, a Houston-based energy and infrastructure development firm, said the company shared the goal of creating clean and renewable power generation resources with Starwood Energy. FGE Texas provides low cost and efficient power to ERCOT customers, and has also established new state and national standards for low emissions.