North Ostrobothnia's Potential for Zero-Emission Hydrogen Production

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Reports indicate that this Finnish region could supply 10% of the EU's hydrogen needs by 2030.

North Ostrobothnia, a region in Finland, could potentially produce at least 10% of the EU's zero-emission hydrogen by 2030, according to a study conducted by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The region's substantial wind power capacity positions it as a promising area for hydrogen production. Decentralized hydrogen production at wind farms, coupled with hydrogen transmission through pipelines, may optimize land use and improve electricity transmission network capacity.

However, limited electricity transmission capacity could hinder the growth of wind and hydrogen generation in North Ostrobothnia. A decentralized approach to producing hydrogen at wind farms and transporting it via pipelines, possibly from inland to coastal areas, could facilitate cost-effective energy transportation. This strategy could also create additional capacity for new wind farms, as constructing hydrogen pipelines requires less land than high-voltage transmission lines.

Plans are underway to connect North Ostrobothnia to a pan-European hydrogen gas pipeline network. Gasgrid Finland is participating in the development of three hydrogen infrastructure projects, which would link the region to markets in Sweden and Germany.


To identify the driving forces and obstacles in the region, VTT conducted interviews with potential hydrogen stakeholders and organized a workshop. A key challenge identified was the lack of green hydrogen investments due to uncertain demand and doubts about the availability of zero-emission hydrogen.

The VTT study aims to support regional actors in the hydrogen industry's future development. It evaluates the prospects of North Ostrobothnia's hydrogen economy by examining planned hydrogen and wind power projects, as well as potential stakeholders in the hydrogen value chain. The study was completed as part of the National Hydrogen Network and R4H2 - REACTions for Hydrogen projects, managed by the Raahe Region Development and funded by the Council of Oulu Region.